Cornerstone is a place to ask questions, explore faith, & heal from past hurts. It's a place for a fresh start. Are you tired of chasing 'happiness'? Sick of trying to be perfect? Ever wish someone would just listen to you? Would you like to go to church and not feel judged? Then this is where you belong. We're here to help you build your life on a firm foundation, which the Bible says is a person, not a religion. Come, meet the real Jesus, and join us as we follow His ways into a better life.


Cornerstone is a place to find other like-minded, regular, every-day people to do life with, right here in Hensall. You're not meant to do life alone and there is strength in community. We're not perfect, but we've been transformed. We are broken like you, but saved by grace, now seeking our Father's will instead of our own, and living for the good of our neighbours. Come and find out for yourself the privileges of being part of the family of God. There's a seat for you at the table.


BUILDING: Main floor of the old Hensall Church Building, 76 King Street.

SUNDAYS: 12 pm Service 

CHAT WITH PASTOR AARON: aaronjjohnson3@gmail.com



Important Note: Our Sunday morning gathering for September 25th will not be at our building in Hensall. We are meeting at 10 am at the Auburn Riverside Retreat38382 Blyth Rd, Auburn. Get a day-pass from the front gate and join us in the main meeting hall on campground. Bring a friend and some lunch and hang around with us after service.


We're all searching for truth about our identity. We want to know: Who am I? Why am I here? and What I am suppose to be doing? These questions reveal a deep longing within our hearts to know if we actually matter. It's easy to feel insignificant, especially if you have been hurt and abandoned by others, but the Bible tells us that every human has dignity and value because every human is made in the image of God. That's right, your identity and worth is not a human construct (though friends and Media will tell you to "be yourself," "follow your heart," and "live your truth") but is instead a God-gifted reality. Therefore, to truly understand your identity, you need to know the God in whose image you are made.

So join us on Sundays to discover your true identity, the God who made you, and the beautiful calling He has placed on your life.

Sunday Services are at 12 pm. So sleep in, have some brunch, then join us.

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