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About Us

Our mission

The mission of Cornerstone, driven by the gospel, is to be obedient to The Great Commandment and The Great Commission found in Scripture.

We love God, so we live to bring him glory. Satisfied in Him, we joyfully surrender our lives to His good purposes.

We love one another, so we live to spur each other on to greater spiritual maturity by teaching the Bible and apprenticing to Jesus together.

We love our neighbour, so we live for their good, sharing with them the good news of God’s love so they too can experience His amazing grace.

And we do all this empowered by the Spirit; dependent on the One who will accomplish His purposes in us and through us as we stay humble in attitude and active in faith.

OUR practices

To this end, we are committed to a set of biblical practices that turn our lives toward the grace of God and toward the world He loves.

We are committed to communion. We gather together to be present to God and present to one another.  We pursue God's will and seek to meet the needs of our spiritual family.

We are committed to formation. We want to build a culture that both invites and challenges everyone to grow spiritually and seek first the kingdom of God. This requires authentic relationships and keeping the gospel at the centre of everything we do.

We are committed to neighbouring. We want extend Christ’s presence by practicing hospitality in our homes, witnessing to the gospel, and coming alongside the hurting persons of our community.

OUR location

Where can you find our church practicing communion, formation, and neighbouring? Well, you can certainly find us gathered together on Sunday mornings in our building or at the park, but you will also find us “doing church” in our homes, workplaces, and community throughout the week. It's helpful to think of our practices as “on the move.”

They occupy three spaces continually, represented by 1) a close circle, 2) a dotted circle, and 3) a half circle. 

Sunday morning gathering is our close circle. This is not a closed circle that excludes "outsiders." To the contrary, everyone is welcome to come as they are and explore faith! This circle is close because a supernatural unity exists among a group of Christ-followers who gather to worship Him, train under His word, discern His will, and join His mission. In this space, Jesus is our Host, and we sit at His table. Communion and formation take place here, but not here only. The presence of Christ extends out from here, into our neighbourhoods through us "as we go."

Our homes are represented by a dotted circle. Here, we are the host, practicing hospitality, evangelism, and formation by inviting our neighbour to gather around our table and see who God is. But Christ’s presence doesn’t just remain in our homes either, it goes out with us into the community spaces we occupy throughout the week.


We are God's ambassadors and witnesses everyday in our workplaces, schools, and arenas - represented here by a half circle. We go out into the world as guests, never asking if Christ will be present, but asking if His presence will be welcomed.


We are a small group of people who have sensed God's call to do this mission right here in Hensall, ON. We've called our church Cornerstone because we want to help you build your life on the firm foundation that is Jesus Christ.

So come. Explore faith, find community, and when you're ready, join our family.

There's a place for you at our table.

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